Extendicare Oshawa

In lives full of remarkable moments, we help create even more.

Whether it’s a brief encounter or a life changing event, these unique moments enrich lives. And we do everything we can to make them happen.

To give you an idea of how we can make a difference, here are Remarkable Moments from our home.

Our Remarkable Moments

From Resident to Home Volunteer

On March 2014, Miss G., in her mid 50’s, came to our home from the hospital...

On March 2014, Miss G., in her mid 50’s, came to our home from the hospital. She was diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis, arthritis, and lupus. She had a Foley catheter, a stage 4 ulcer and was completely immobile. We immediately put her on a program of regular physiotherapy, strict diet management, wound care and nursing care. Slowly but surely she began improving. Her catheter was removed, her range of motion improved and her wound eventually healed. She became increasingly involved and engaged in our home and eventually became President of our Residents Council. At the same time we began coordinating with community agencies to ensure she had the support she would need to return home. After two years, she was successfully discharged back to her home and now she has returned to train as an active volunteer in our home.